About us

Ultimate Pole is the UK’s leading Pole Fitness, Dance & Aerial classes studio based in the heart of London. At Ultimate Pole you will improve your fitness & confidence, tone up, increase flexibility, gain upper body & core strength, all whilst having fun learning this challenging form of dance and professional sport! In our studios no one is alone – you are part of our family!

We offer Pole Fitness & Strength, Technique classes, Sexy & Classic Exotic Choreo, Contortion, Flexibility, Splits & Stretching, Aerial Hoop, Handstand classes for Beginners up to Advanced, Lyrical Choreography, open practise time and lots of different workshops for both Women and Men of all ages and background. Taught in studios based in North West London (Camden Town/ Kentish Town) by a team of professionally qualified and award winning dance, circus and fitness instructors. We also host fun and exciting themed pole or burlesque Hen Parties and Birthday parties.

Our Services

  • Pole Dancing Courses & Classes
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility Classes
  • Spinning Pole
  • Aerial Hoop (lyra)
  • Silks (tissue)
  • Handstand Training
  • Yoga Classes
  • Workshops
  • Performance coaching & choreography
  • Private Lessons
  • Pole and Studio Hire
  • Men and Women welcome
  • Hen Parties

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Our Mission

Ultimate Pole aims to deliver the most personalised elite pole dancing tuition available by keeping groups very small with a maximum of 2 people per pole, ensuring your goals, whether fitness related or as a performer are reached and exceeded.
Our Pole Dancing classes and courses are always a max of 1 or 2 per pole, taught by the industry’s leading Pole Dancers and teachers. Fitted out with the latest equipment, over 3.2m high X-Poles 40 & 45mm, with static and spin setting, stainless steel & brass, gymnastic wall bars, professional stage dance floor, full length mirrors, lockers for your valuables and Wi-Fi available to students on site too – Ultimate Pole creates a welcoming atmosphere for you to train in a beautifully decorated venue we are sure you will love as much as we do!



Our Prices

Taster class 45 min

£9.99 valid 30 days


£26 in-house Workshop

75 min Classes

Single £18.90 valid 30 days

3 packs £54 valid 30 days(£18 per class)

5 packs £83 valid 30 days(£16.60 per class)

10 packs £155 valid 60 days(£15.50 per class)

20 packs £290 valid 60 days(£14.50 per class)

90 min Classes

Single £26 valid 30 days

3 packs £73 valid 30 days(£24 per class)

5 packs £115 valid 30 days(£23 per class)

10 packs £205 valid 60 days(£20.50 per class)

20 packs £370 valid 60 days(£18.50 per class)

Pole Hire

Single £9.90 valid 30 days

3 packs £28 valid 30 days   

5 packs £45 valid 30 days   

10 packs £85 valid 60 days   

Private Lessons 1-2-1

1hr £65 valid 30 days

3hrs £189 valid 30 days

5hrs £310 valid 30 days

10hrs £600 valid 60 days

Private Lessons 2-2-1

1hr £100 valid 30 days

3hrs £290 valid 30 days

5hrs £465 valid 30 days

10hrs £875 valid 60 days

Private Lessons 3-2-1

1hr £120 valid 30 days

3hrs £330 valid 30 days

5hrs £550 valid 30 days

10hrs £1000 valid 60 days

Ultimiate Pole

Our instructors

Clare Hawes

Pole dancer and aerialist, Rachel has been dancing since the age of three, and has always had a passion for movement.
Even though she comes from a strong balletic background, she has also explored many different forms of dance including tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, salsa, tango and African dance. In addition, she trained as a rhythmic gymnast for many years and competed in the United States at a high level, even advancing to the US Junior Olympics.

Ultimate Pole Dancing Studio London

Cassie Pickersgill

I have always loved to dance, I started dancing for fun when I was 3 and knew that it was for me, I moved to the UK to study vocationally when I was 11 and came to London when I was 16 to study musical theatre professionally. After graduating l discovered pole and fell in love with it, I was addicted! I have now been pole dancing for 2 and a half years and teaching for 6 months! Pole allows me to be strong and sexy and I love seeing students feel the same way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere. We have classes tailored specifically for beginners and our teachers are highly trained and experienced in making sure you will feel safe starting out your new journey in Pole with us.

Ideally you need to have skin contact on pole so less is better and anything like hot pants, Thong, sports shorts (tight), sports bra is ideal and tight leggings can also work for choreo classes. There are also some awesome Pole wear lines available on the market. However nothing loose or baggy!

Everyone is different. Usually if you have a dance, ballet or gymnastics background you might move up the levels quicker. Some take months and some take years but it’s all about the journey and how dedicated and committed you are to the sport. Pole is not an easy discipline but one things for sure, you will learn a lot about yourself and find strength and confidence you never thought you had.